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Student Data Privacy Tips

Given the ongoing work I have been doing in terms of advocating for better student data privacy protections, I’ve received a number of requests for tips on ways to better protect student data over the past few weeks – as remote learning has kicked in to overdrive – accompanied by parent frustration, inappropriate incidents in […]

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How Much Privacy Are Students Surrendering to Attendance-tracking App?

How much privacy are students surrendering to attendance-tracking app? Concerned about Big Brother surveillance of students? Check out my latest article, published in “The Hill,” on almost 40 schools in the country using an App to track student attendance/absence (appears that the App was developed by a former asst coach at Univ of Missouri, and initially used […]

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The Cyber-Security Problem Schools and Ed. Tech Need to Face

The Cyber-Security Problem Schools and Ed. Tech Need to Face In the past year, we have seen story after story that detail breaches of educational technology vendors’ system security. These troubling incidents in which sensitive student data is compromised will only become more frequent until both technology companies and public school districts make student privacy and […]

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